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The Revolution 3

Who was selected as Georgia’s first governor John Treutlen
Who had the most power as a result of the first constitution 12 member executive council
What was the first constitution of the United States Articles of Confederation
Why was Georgia’s militia so unsuccessful early in the war They were understaffed and poorly armed
Who returned as governor as a result of Britain military taking control of Savannah James Wright
Who led the rebel troops Elijah Clarke
In what event of 1779 did American troops receive help from France Siege of Savannah
What were the results of the siege of Savannah England won and regained control of Georgia
Who was Nancy Hart A heroine of the American Revolution who helped in the capture of five British soldiers when they demanded she feed them dinner
Who led the Continental Army at the Battle of Yorktown George Washington
Why is this battle famous Final battle of the Revolutionary War
What treaty ended the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris
Which famous black man from Georgia fought alongside Elijah Clarke in the Battle of Kettle Creek Austin Dabney
Which two states were the only states who did not allow blacks to fight in the Revolution GA & SC
Created by: smileyk