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Imperialism Conquering smaller countries to make your country larger
British East India Company The business that controlled trade between India and Britain and they operated as a government
Sepoy Indian people that were payed to protect british officials while they were in India
Sepoy Rebellion All the sepoys were frustrated with the British
Causes of the Sepoy Rebellion the cause of this would be that the british greased the cartridge with pig and beef grease
Impacts of the Sepoy Rebellion Ended the friendship of India and Britain
Nickname for India & why it was their nickname Jewel in the crown because they were important for marketing for Britain
Chinese Government in the 1800s Their government has always been ruled by Dynasty's
Chinese society in the 1800s Exploration and Invention were valued
Causes of the Opium Wars The British were unhappy about the imbalance of trade
Opium Wars British smuggled Opium into China and the Chinese got addicted to it
Effects of the Opium Wars Britain had better technology, so Britain won
Boxers Boxers were people that train in martial arts to kill foreigners
Boxer Rebellion Boxers started to kill all foreigners
Effects of the Boxer Rebellion They got rid of foreigners din China
Scramble for Africa Everyone wanted Africa for its Gold and Diamonds
3 causes of the Scramble for Africa Raw Materials, Nationalism, and Social Motives
Created by: BrandonAllen1