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Ch 13 vocabulary

1. New Deal programs created by FDR during the GD to promote economic recovery and social reform
2. Fireside Chat radio broadcasters in which FDR explained his new deal to the Americans
3. FDIC created federally bank insured bank deposits to prevent bank failures
4. TVA gov built a series of dams to prevent flooding and sell electricity
5. CCC sent 250,000 men to work camps providing jobs for young men and money for families
6. NIRA created NRA to enforce codes of fair competition, minimum wages, and to permit collective bargaining of workers
7. PWA received 3.3 billion appropriation from congress for public work projects
8. Second New Deal activity created by FDR in 1935 to solve problems caused by the GD
9. WPA employed 8 million workers in construction, art and theater
10. Pump Priming economic theory that public worker projects because they put more money into the hands of the consumers who would buy more products
11. Social Security Act law that set up pension system for the retirees, established unemployment insurance and insurance for workers related to accidents
12. Wagner Act New Deal law that abolished unfair labor practices and gave workers right to collective bargaining
13. Collective Bargaining when employees bargain with labor unions about wages, hours, and working conditions
14. Fair Labor Standards Act law that set a minimum wage and minimum working hours of 44 a week, and outlawed child labor 1935
15. CIO responsible for development, implementation, and operation on a firms information technology policy
16. Sit Down Strikes when workers stop working and occupy the work place until demands are met
17. Court Packing FDR plan to add six new justices to the nine- member supreme court
18. Black Cabinet African Americans leaders who severed as unofficial advisers to FDR
19. Indian New Deal gave Indians greater control over their affairs and provided funding for schools and hospitals
20. New Deal Coalition political form formed by groups who supported FDR and his new deal
21. Welfare State gov that is responsible for the poor, sick, elderly, and unemployed
22. The Wizard Of Oz first movie to ever be in color 1935
23. War of the Worlds epic science fiction disaster film
24. Federal Art Project division of the WPA that hired unemployed artists to create art work on buildings
25. Mural large picture painted directly on a wall or celling
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