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Term 1: Extended

Extended Vocabulary for Term 1

Animism The belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls.
Pictograph Record keeping done in drawings, pictures or symbols.
Astrolabe A tool used to calculate the altitude of the sun or starts, used in navigation.
Feudalism A system used to organize governments and people in Middle Ages Europe. In the feudal system, people owe allegiance to a protector (a king or nobleman), and agree to fight in battles for them.
Medieval Relates to the Middle Ages time period. Usually means primitive or very old-fashioned.
Algonquin Groups of Native American tribes who all spoke a similar language and lived in the area from upper Canada to the northeast United States.
Confederacy An loose alliance between groups or people for some purpose, usually to run a government or maintain peace.
Matriarchy This term refers to organizing society / family / community with a woman at the head
Patriarchy This term refers to organizing society / family / community with a man at the head
Viceroy A person chosen to rule an area as the king’s representative.
Sect A small group of people who are a part of a particular religion, but usually have different beliefs than the main religion does. The main religion might see them as heretics.
Created by: Mr.Nichols