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women suffrage ss

This law allowed people to vote an official out of office recall
The name given to the nation's reform movement progressive
An election in which voters choose the candidates direct primary
Voters propose a law directly in a__________ initiative
Writers who exposed the nation's social problems muckrakers
This amendment allowed for the direct election of senators 17th
This amendment gave women the right to vote 19th
A proposed law submitted to the vote of the people referendum
This amendment gave Congress the power to correct income taxes 16th
This amendment prohibited alcohol 18th
Jane Addams founder of the hull house
Saloons were smashed by prohibitionists because _____________________________ it led to alcoholic abuse
what was not a goal of the Progressive reformers? to keep the government the same
The _______and the Meat Inspection Act were laws to improve food conditions. pure food and drug act
The Bull Moose Party was progressive partyq
The _______ was a law that regulated trusts AND protected competition. Clayton anti-trust act
The Federal Reserve Law created a modern banking system
People were required to take _____for a government job. a civil service exam
Who ran as a Democratic candidate? wilson
Who wanted a square deal for all Americans? roosevelt
Who formed the Bull Moose party? Roosevelt
Who ran as Republicans? Taft and Roosevelt
Who was a progressive president? Taft Roosevelt Wilson
Who became president when McKinley was assassinated? roosevelt
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