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U.S history review

Unit 1

who did the colonies model there government after? Great Britain
What was one of the patriots greatest strengths they knew there land and they were determined to fight
how did neutral colonist react after the British started losing battles in the south They support the patriots (war efforts)
What group led violent protest against British taxation Sons of liberty
When did fighting begin in Lexington and concord 1775, when British arrest leaders and weapons
when did patriots hope they could win the war battle of saragata
why did southern farmers oppose Hamilton's plan for the economy They did not want to pay taxes to help northern states
What did the political debates over the whiskey rebellion led to 2 party system
What event turned the tide of the conflict in the Ohio Valley Battle of fallen tempers
what did the judiciary Act of 1789 accomplish set up of systemss of courts
Created by: xo.baebee.xo