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SS Ch. 4-5

Social studies chapters 4 and 5

a refusal to buy goods boycott
these men were trained to be "ready to act at a minute's notice." minute man
The illegal importing/exporting of goods. smuggling
Any colonist that remained devoted to the King and Parliament. loyalist
Cannons and large guns are also known as this artillery
1764, placed levies on sugar and molasses Sugar Act
1765, cost cutting measure that required colonists to house and supply British soldiers Quartering Act
1774, punishment for Massachusetts, and a warning to the other colonies Intolerable Acts
These were named for the King's Finance Minister that proposed them. Townshend Acts
This animal commonly takes the blame for the French and Indian War. bucked tooth beaver
This forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation of 1763
This was the turning point battle of the French and Indian War. Battle of Quebec
This treaty granted almost all of North America to Britain. Treaty of Paris
This was Ben Franklin's plan to unite the colonies. Albany Plan of Union
This was the Native American uprising in 1763. Pontiac's Rebellion
A group that exchanged letters about colonial affairs with similar groups. committees of correspondence
A snowball fight and BBQ are schedule for early March. Lobster Backs will serve red hot lead and insults. Boston Massacre
The Boston Sons of Liberty will be hosting a birthday luncheon in the honor of their Founder. So please address all cards and presents to this man... Samuel Adams
All colonial delegates are hereby invited to the follow up meeting in Philadelphia this May 1775. The agenda will include choosing a commander of the army and the printing of paper money. Second Continental Congress
The French and Indian war was also known as this. Seven Years War
Someone that sided with the American rebels and/or their cause for freedom patriot
After being forced to leave their homes in Nova Scotia, the Acadians moved to New Orleans and are more commonly called this name now Cajun
The first battles of the Revolutionary War. Lexington & Concord
This gave colonists political right, prosperity and helped determine their social rank. land ownership
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