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US History

Prohibition banned alcohol
Quota System Limited the number of immigrants coming to the United States
Scopes Trial The Fight between science and religion where a Biology teacher taught evolution
Evolution Humans evolved from a lower life form
KKK Group that was against African Americans, Catholics and Jews that participated in hate crimes to show their dislike
19th Amendment Women's right to vote
18th Amendment Made it against the law to sell, distribute and consume alcohol
Flapper Women that bobbed their hair short and went to night clubs
Bootlegger People that smuggled alcohol in
Speakeasy An illegal bar where people could purchase alcohol
21st Amendment This brought the sale of alcohol back- allowed people to drink alcohol again
Organized Crime There was a rise in crime due to smuggling alcohol and trying to get passed the current laws of the 1920's
Mass Comunication Getting information out to a large group of people
Mass production Making more products at once- factories were able to do this
Assembly Line Henry Ford introduced this to make products quicker and cheaper
Harlem Renaissance African Americans were able to showcased their talents through writing, poetry, art, music etc... during this time period
Created by: Ensmingern