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AH1-Unit 2, Part I

French & Indian War and Cause of American Revolution

Why is this conflict called the French & Indian War? The British & colonists were fighting against the French & their Indian allies.
What additional lands did the British get in 1763? Florida, Canada, between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River
What is the name of the conflict being fought in Europe around this time? Seven Years' War
What are the causes of the French & Indian War? disputed land, mercantilist policies, European rivalry, wars in Europe
What were the Navigational Acts? series of laws that stated colonies could only export on British ships, trade certain goods with only Britain, Captain and crew had to be British
What vocabulary term means the British did not enforce the Navigational Acts? salutary neglect
What was the major land claimed by both the French and British? Ohio River Valley
How were the British going to pay for the war debt? tax the colonists
What area of North America did Spain control in 1754? south and western frontier, Florida
What area of North America did France control in 1754? Canada, central part of the continent, Haiti
What area of North America did England control in 1754? eastern coastline
What area of North America did Spain control in 1763? west of Mississippi River, southern
What area of North America did France control in 1763? Haiti, New Orleans
What area of North America did England control in 1763? east of Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean, Canada, Florida,
What did the Proclamation Act of 1763 do? forbade the colonists from moving beyond the Appalachian Mountains.
What is the concept of the more money a country has the more power they have? mercantilism
What did William and Mary agree to during the Glorious Revolution? English Bill of Rights, which limited the power of the monarchy
What started Bacon's Rebellion? slave overseer was killed
On what was the economy of the southern colonies based? cash crops
On what was the economy of the New England colonies based? shipbuilding, lumber
What contributed to the rise of urban areas? immigrants
What right was addressed in the John Peter Zenger trial? freedom of speech
What was taxed in the Sugar Act? sugar, wine, coffee, molasses
What was the Stamp Act? tax placed on all paper items
What was the colonial reaction to the Quartering Act? intimidated and angry
What was taxed in the Townsend Acts? paper, lead, glass, tea
Who began the idea that the colonists should not be taxed by Parliament since they had no representation in it? James Otis
What are writs of assistance? British officials could search private property without a search warrant
What reaction did the Boston Massacre get in the colonies? outrage, call for removal of British troops
What did the Tea Act do? repealed Townsend Acts, except tax on tea; gave British East India Company a monopoly in the colonies on tea.
What event led to the Intolerable Acts? Boston Tea Party
What were the Committees of Correspondence? organizations that spread the work of the problems with the British
Besides the Committees of Correspondence, what was a colonial reaction to the Intolerable Acts? 1st Continental Congress
What is another name for the Intolerable Acts? Coercive Acts
Who were the Loyalists? supported staying with Britain
Who were the Patriots? supported independence
What document by Thomas Paine advocated for independence? Common Sense
What group met to decide on independence from Britain? 2nd Continental Congress
What American Revolution battle showed the intentions of the colonies? Bunker Hill
Where were the first shots fired? Lexington MA
What tactics did the colonists use to attack the British as they marched to Concord? guerrilla warfare
What did the Halifax Resolves encourage its delegates to do? vote for independence
What did the 2nd Continental Congress send to King George III? Olive Branch Petition
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