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Islam After Muhammad

What was the major problem for the Muslim Community after Muhammad's death? Muhammad didn't chose a leader to lead the muslims.
Who was named as Muhammad successor? Abu Bakr
What does caliph mean? A leader of an empire, successor
How did Abu Bakr reunite the Muslim Community He used military forces
Who were the next 3 caliphs Umat Uthman Ali
What is a dynasty families that power over
What group supported the Umayyads? Sunnis
What group did not support the Umayyads Shi'a
Who escaped the deadly dinner? Abd Al Rahman
What is the capital of the Umayyad Empire Damascus
Capital of the Abbasid Empire...? Baghdad
What is one successful thing that Caliph Abd Malik did He unified the Ummayyad making the official Language Arabic
The city of cordoba had paved and lighted.... streets
What are some things Cordoba traded? Leathers goods, prayer, ivory, paper , etc.
Who was the doctor who wrote a textbook on hows to perform surgery Al Zahrawi
Who was the doctor who studied medicine Al Razi
Created by: horanlover