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What year was Africvlle established? 1848
Where was Africville located? North of halifax on Bedford Basin.
As Halifax grew, what did it start using Africville for? Sewage and garbage disposal, industry, and railroads.
What happened to Africville? The city of halifax decided to demolish it and move the residents of Africville somehweres else in Halifax.
Wheh ws the first house of Africvilles demolished? 1964, and by 1970 Africville was totally gone.
What is culture? A reflection of who and what we are.
What is cultural diversity? Variety and dfferences among cultures.
What are traditions? Customs, beliefs, opinions, and stories passed down from one generation to another.
What are rites? Ceremonies that are a part of traditional culture.
What is mainstream culture? The general culture of the majority of the people.
What are institutions? Organizations with social, educational, and religious purposes.
What are formal groups? Organized groups that contribute to a culture.
What are informal groups? Groups of people who meet casually for a common purpose.
What is material culture? The physical objects produced and/or used by a society.
What is non-material culture? Things in a culture that aren't physical.
What are anthropologists? People who study human cultural characteristics.
What are values? Ideas, beliefs, and ways ofbehaving that are valuable or important to people of a particular culture.
What is popular culture? Culture shared by many groups in western society, and around the world.
What are emotional needs? Need that are not physical such as love, friendship, safety.
What is socialization? The process of learning the behaviour that is considered suitable in your culture.
What are physical needs? Human needs for things that sustain life such as food, water, shelter.
What is traditional culture? Customs, beliefs, opinions, and stories passed down in a culture from one generation to anoher.
What in non-material culture? Things in a culture such as religion, beliefs, spoken language, and stories.
What is cotributing culture? Cultures os smaller groups of people within the mainstream culture.
What is microcosm? A miniture model of the society around you.
What is the popular culture cycle? Mass Production-Mass Distribution-Mass Communication-Mass Consumption
What is mass production? The companycomes up with a product and makesit. It is produced in large companies, and it must be catchy.
What is mass distribution? The product is sent around the wrld to major retailers. It has to be made known to the suppliers, and the retailers must be able to access the product easily.
What is mass communication? Get the word out about the product though commercials, newspaper, magazines, word of mouth or the internt. They need to think of a catchy slogan that attracts attention.
What is mass comsumption? When people buy the product and use it. The product becomes popular and people want more of it. Money is made and invested in the product.
What are refugees? People who have had to flee their homes because they are in danger as a result of their race, religion or political beliefs or as a result of natural disaster.
What are immigrants? Peopl who leave their country for various reasons and settle in another country.
What is a linguistic group? A group of people who share a common language.
What is an ethnic group? A group of people who share a racial background.
What is a religious group? A groups of people who share a common religion.
What is a cultural group? A group of people who share a common culture.
What is multicultural? Encouraging contributing cultures to maintain their identities while still participating in the economic, political, and social life of society.
What doea assimilate mean? To become absorbed in the mainstream of culture.
What is prejudice? A view based on previously held ideas, rather than on knowledge or experience.
What is racism? Mistreatment of people based on their race, place of origin, or ancestry.
What is a stereotype? An iage that represents all members of a group as being the same.
What does discriminate mean? To treat a particular group or member of a particular group unfairly.
What is a satire? The use of sarcasm or wit to expose silly or illogical things that people say or do.
What are two things that are inherited. Eye color, and height.
How does forced assimilation affect cultures? It affects their relationships. Communication would probably be lacking and the level of trust would go down between cultures.
Who is Rita Joe? She is a woman whow as born in Whycocomagh, and spent her early life in foster homes.
Why did Rita Joe put herself into the Shubenacadie Residential School? To get away from one of her foster families.
What is the purpose of Rita Joes writing? The purpose was to encourage other Mi'kmaq's to educate themselves in traditional ways, and shows canadian society how forced assimilation harmed membrs of her culture.
Why is Rita Joe well known? Because she was awarde the order of canada for her efforts in 1990.
What was Rita Joes poem "I lost my talk" about? How she went to the residential school and wasnt aloud to speak her language and how they "took her culture away from her" because they were more powerful.
What is the holocaust an extreme example of? Racism and hatred.
What did the British give the Mi'kmaq to try and kill them off? Blankets infected with smallpox.
What does the Dartmouth Multicultural Festival celebrate? Diversity
What are three ways to respond to racism? Institutional response, a personal response, and a community response.
What is an example os a satire? This hour has 2 minutes.
What are oral traditions? The use of storytelling to pass down history, morals, and lessons learned over time from one generation to another.
What are modern legends? Stories about ordinary people, often in urban settings, describing events that are unusual, but could- in theory- happen.
What is folk art? Paintings and other artistic work done by untrained artists, usually depicting everyday life in a simple, direct style.
What dothe initials ECMA stand for? East Cost Music Awards.
Who organized the ECMA's? Robert Cohn
What is the "fifth region", inaddition to th four atlantic provinces that Robert Cohn includes with the "five diverse regions"? Cape Breton
What year did the ECMA's begin? 1989
How has the ECMA's enhanced Atlantic Canada's music? By exposing musicians, being promoted, and getting record labels.
What is storytelling? A form of entertainment.
Who is Lucy Maud Montgomery? She is known worldwide, especially for her book Anne of Green Gables.
What impact has Lucy Maud Montgomery's work had on PEI? She has become a cultural icon, and in the last decade, tourism has replaced fishing as the second mainstay of PEI's economy.
Why are Lucy Maud Montgmery's books still popular after being written 100 years ago? Because she wrote about all about PEI and its environment, and people were inspired by it and was passed down through generations.
What are the the economic "spin-offs" from the books of Lucy Maud Montgomery? Movies, hats, dolls, china, diaries, and touing "Green Gables"
What is a cultural icon? A symbol that represents a place or the type of culture in that place.
What was the resettlement program in Newfoundland? Where the government decided to resettle people from their communities into more urban centres because the community changed so much.
What are petroglyphs? Rock drawings
How did Allan Syliboy use traditional culture to produce modern fashions? By drawing
What kind of artist was Gerald Squires? Fine art
Why did th government resettle the people from NFLD? Because offshore trawlers had replaced small-boat operators.
What are Canadas three levels of government? Federal, Provincial, and Municipa.
What is federal? Deals with concerns of the whole country.
What is Provincial? Deals with concerns of a province or territory.
What is municipal? Deals with local county.
Canada is a democracy. What does this mean? It means a government for the people and chosen by the people. They get to elect people for the positions in fedral, provincial, and municipal governments.
What people can't vote? Criminals or people in jail, and people with a mental disability.
Where is the federal government located? Ottawa
What is another word for Municipal government? Local councils.
What does MP stand for ? MP stands for Members of Parliament.
What is the MP's job? They are representatives elected to the federal level of government.
What does MLA stand for? Members of the Legislative Assembly.
What is the MLA's job? Representatives to the provincial legislatures.
What are the four political parties of Canada? PC, NDP, Liberal, and Bloc Quebecois
What is the leader of the winning political party in the province called? Premier
Before Canada was a country, what was it called? British North America
What were people called who lived in Canada when it was called British North America? Colonists
What were three things that drew the people of British North America together, and eventually created the country Canada? The railway, trading between colonies ($$), and the colonists were afraid that the USA might invade from the south.
How long can a Prime Minister or Premier wait to call an election? No longer than 5 years.
Was voting always a secret process in Canada? No, it only became secret in 1874.
What happens if a politician makes certain promises to get elected and then goes back on them? They have a chance at notbeing re-elected in the next election.
Where did the ballot originate? Ancient Athens
Was the ballot always a piece of paper? No, it used to be pottery clay.
What are issues that divide Canadians? Missle Defense, war in Iraq, Peace keeping missions, gay marriage, abortion, quebec seperation, western seperation, kyoto debate.
What are issues that unite Canadians? Gas prices, one ton challenge, hockey, olympics coming to canada, the vote.
What are issues that divide atlantic canadians? ATV laws, out migration, equalization payments,strip mining.
What are issues that unite atlantic canadians? Tar ponds, Industries-fishing, tourism.
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