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Colonial Government

Social Studies

What was the purpose of The House of Burgesses? It was to pass local Laws and to raise taxes.
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact? Was drafted to prevent dissent among Puritans and non-separatists who had landed at Plymouth a few days earlier.
What kind of government did the House of Burgesses have? Martial Law
What kind of government did the Mayflower Compact have? Self Government
Did the Joint Stock Company allow the citizens to choose their own representatives? Yes
How many Legislative Assembly districts were elected from? 11
How were members elected in the House of Burgesses? By the existing Burgesses and it was voted weather or not a member got to move to a higher office.
Did the Joint Stock Company allow citizens to choose their own representatives? Yes
Where did the House of Burgesses meet? Jamestown
Then where did they move too? Williamsburg
What was the location of the Mayflower Compact? Cape Cod several miles north of its planned destination in Virginia
Could servants vote? No
Was the Mayflower Compact created out of necessity because they landed to far from Jamestown? Yes
How were the members elected on the Mayflower Compact? By Church Members in the New World
Did the Mayflower Compact have a religious purpose as well as governmental? Yes
Where was the mayflower Compact? Plymouth, MA
Give 3 examples how the Mayflower Compact and the House of Burgesses are similar? 1.Made rules for the colony 2.Only males could serve 3.Meet to discuss the Colonies buisness
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