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US history words

Transcontinental Railroad A contiguous network of railroad trackage that crosses a continental land mass with terminals at different oceans or continental borders.
Barbed Wire Wire with clusters of short, sharp spikes set at intervals along it, used to make fences or in warfare as an obstruction.
Comstock Lode A lode of silver located under the eastern slope of mount davidson.
Boom Towns A town undergoing rapid growth due to sudden properity.
Dime Novels A cheap, popular novel, typically a melodramatic romance or adventure story.
Morrill Land Grants 17 million acres of federal land to the states.
Wheat Belt A region where wheat is the chief agriculture product.
Bonanza Farms Very large farms in the united states performing large scale operations.
The Grange It sponsors social activities, community service, and political lobbying.
Omaha Platform The party program adopted at the formative convention of the populist party held in omaha, nebraska on july 4th, 1892.
Created by: Danielle smith