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`Government Exam II

If the results of an opinion poll look like the following: (Favor: 44%, Oppose 45%, No Opinion: 11%) the results show an example of a ______ opinion. B. Divided
The process by which people acquire their political beliefs and attitudes is called: D. Political Socialization
Agenda Setting is: E. Determining which public policy questions will be debated or considered.
Based on recent electoral trends, a Hispanic woman who is Catholic is most likely to vote: B. Democrat
Based on recent electoral trends, an African-American man with a post-college education who lives in a large city is most likely to vote: B. Democrat
Based on recent electoral trends, a white Protestant married woman whose household income exceeds $50,000 is most likely to vote: A. Republican
Politically speaking, American women are: C. More likely than men to support social welfare programs.
A method of systematically questioning a small selected sample of respondents who are deemed representative of a total population is known as: B. An opinion poll
Why is it important that a polling sample be random? A. Because preplanning in the selection can bias the results.
Landlines have tradtionally been used to conduct polls, This can be problematic because: C. Individuals most likely to have landlines in their home are not necessarily representative of the population as a whole.
The answers given by respondents to poll questions are influenced by all of the following EXCEPT A. The size of the sample.
Since the early 1990's, the American public has consistently had confidence in _____ more than any other institution that has been surveyed A. The millitary
Why do the unorganized poor not support lobbying and other interest group activities as much as other groups? B. They often lack the time, expertise, and money to fins and join relevant job interest groups.
The National Right To Life Committee and NARAL Pro-Choice America are examples of: B. Single-interest groups
Why are lobbyists helpful to legislators in drafting legislation (laws) and other regulations? D. They tend to have specialized technical knowledge of their area of policy that legislators lack that can be extremely helpful in drafting legislation.
_____ are a shorthand way of describing congressional members' voting records for interested citizens C. Interest group ratings
The main difference between direct techniques and indirect techniques of influencing public officials is that: A. Direct techniques concentrate on direct interaction with government officals while indirect technqiues use the incolvement of third parties and the public to influences public officials.
Today, _____ of Americans use TV news as their primary source of information E. More than 90%
A political advisor who tries to convince journalists of the truth of a particular interpretation of events is called a : C. Spin Doctor
Blogs and Internet have made it more difficult for candidates to manage media coverage of their campaign
Political parties differ from interest groups in that: A. Political parties' main objectives is to operate the government while interest groups' is not.
More interest groups represent ____ interests more than any other interest A. Economic
A voter or candidate that does not identify with a political party is called: C. An independent
The first partisan political division in the United States was between E. The federalists and the anti-federalists
As a part of the national party organization, the national convention: B. Officially nominates the presidental and vice-presidential candidates
_______ is a rule by which all of the state's electoral votes are cast for the presidential candidate who receives a plurality of the votes in that state D. Winner-take-all
Which of the following is TRUE regarding voting habits? C. There are more independent voters, more ticket-splitting and reduced party identification than any time in the past
As identified in the Constitution, the formal age requirement for president, Senator, and House member are following respectively: A. 35,30,25
With regard to cansisates for office, all of the following are true EXCEPT B. Today only 35 percent of Americans say they would vote for a female president.
The job of a political consultant may include all of the following EXCEPT D. Formally nominating their candidates for office
Superdelegates are: C. Party-leaders or elected oofficials who are given the right to vote at the party's national convention
The process in which more and more sates move their primaries into the first months of the year is known as: E. Front-loading
The number of members each state will have in the electoral college D. Equals that state's number of senators plus its number of representatives
The number of eligible voters who cast ballots on Election Day is referred to as the B. Voter turnout
Federal Communications Commission E. Regulates electronic media, including radio, TV, and motion pictures
The Media H. Fullfils six key functions, including entertainment, news reporting, indentifying public problems, socializing new generations, providing a public forum, and making profits
Bias B. Some accuse the media of having a too-liberal viewpoint, meaning it has a liberal ___ others accuse it of having a too-conservative viewpoint.
Interest Group F. May employ direct techniques, indirect techniques or both, generally much better established with more formal structures and leadership than a social movement
Social Movement A. Is generally less formally structured than an interest group, with fewer formal rules, official leaders, and is not required to register with the government
Political Party Perform a number of functions including recruiting candidates for public office, presenting alternative policies to voters, assuming responsibility for operating in the government, and acting as the oppostion to the party in power,
Presidential Primary C. a statewide election that helps a political party determine its presidential nomineeat it's party's national convention
Soft Money I. Campaign contributions unregulated by federal or state law, ussually given to parties and party comittees to help fund general party activites.
"Beauty Contest" D. A presidential primary in which candidates compete for popular votes but the results do not determine the delegates for the national convention
Elector G. A member of the electoral college who selects the president and vice president.
The aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs shared by some portion of the adult population is called: D. Public Opinion
Created by: kendollarz
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