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Unite 3 Tapis Volant

s'alimenter to feed one's self
charbon (m) coal
comprimé (m) tablet
se deplacer to move around
empêcher to prevent
guérir to heal, to cure
prévoir to foresee
regner to rule, to prevail
tuberculose (f) tuberculosis
ancien(ne) former
detruire destroy
instaurer to install
livraison (m) delivery
livrer to deliver
lutter to struggle
meutrier(-iere) murderous
resonner to echo
reveler to reveal
toit (m) roof
soigner to look after
ainé(e) eldest
appareil (m) ménager household appliance
avocat(e) lawyer
bougie (f) candle
boulot (m) job
cabinet (m) legal office
caissier(ière) cashier in a shop
champ (m) de mais corn field
comptabilité (f) bookkeeping
etudes (mpl) superièures higher studies
faire des économies to save up
faire faillité to go bankrupt
fonder une famille start a family
licence (m) de droit law degree
maison (f) en terre mud house
mieux payé better paid
moins fatigant less tiring
outil (m) tool
papiers (mpl) official documents
paraître to appear
pièce (m) de rechange spare part
pour la plupart mostly
prévoir to foresee
raisonner to think
rater to fail, miss out on
réparation repair
si Dieu le veut God willing
soumettre à la volanté de to submit to the will of
soutenir to support, to back up
terminale final high school year
trouver to be located
vivre au jour le jour to live from one day to the next
arrocher to be attached too, to hang from
aligner to line up
chef de mission mission head
en plein visager right in the face
être being
jet (m) de liquide spurt of liquid
rapport (m) report
serrer la main to shake hands
vaisseau (m) vessel
s'asseoir to sit
barbant(e) boring, dull
chauffeur (m) driver
crisser to screech (tyres)
effet (m) de serre greenhouse effect
efficace efficient
falloir to be necessary
fournir to provide
interdit(e) forbidden, unlawful
ordinateur (m) de bord dashboard computer
piéton (m) pedestrian
prendre le volant to drive
surveiller to oversee, supervise
tel(le)(s) que such as
tenir compte de take into consideration
virage (m) bend,curve
voiture (f)nerveuse car with good accleration
amarrer to moor
en pleine mer out in the middle of the ocean
envisager to plan, to forsee
béton (m) concrete
brise-vague (m) wave barrier
caisson (m) en béton concrete block
centre (m) de recherche research centre
comporter to comprise
entourer to surround
faune (f) fauna, animal life
flore (f) flora, plants
flottant(e) floating
galérie (f) marchande shopping mall
port (m) de plaisance marina
superficie (f) surface area
tremblement (m) de terre earthquake
hublot (m) porthole
zone (f) zone, specific area
agent (m) immobilier real estate agent
bénéficier to benefit from
construire to build
énervant(e) irritating
enregister to record
frénétique frenzied
informatique (f) computer programming
ingenieur (m) électronique electronic engineer
s'inscrire à to enrol
moyen(ne) average
ouvereur(-euse) usher/ette
puissant(e) powerful
réaliser to bring to fruition to achieve
rapporter to earn
rendre compte to realise
spectacle (m) show
surprenant(e) surprising
synthetiseur (m) synthesiser
tarif (m)famille family rates
valable worthwhile
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