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Texas History

Texas History Review- Unit 5

All of the following were part of the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824 except freedom of religion
What contribution did Stephen F. Austin make? He founded the first significant Anglo colony in Texas.
During which battle was the Gutierrez-Magee army defeated? Battle of Medina
What brought Americans and Mexicans to Mexican Texas in the 1820s? cheap land for farming
What happened in the year 1821? Stephen F. Austin brought 300 families to Texas.
Which list below describes Green DeWitt? He was the second most powerful empresario and established the town of Gonzales.
Why did the Spanish and Anglo settlers want to colonize Texas? They wanted cheap land, economic resources, and protection of their territory.
Which of the following people was a filibuster who was captured after leading an army and tried to declare Texas' independence from Spain? James Long
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Mexican National Era? Spanish Conquistadors
Who was Erasmo Seguin? A successful rancher who represented Texas at the Mexican Constitutional Convention and helped locate land for the first Austin colony.
How have Tejanos retained their cultural heritage, but at the same time adapted to American culture? They enjoy foods of both cultures, they use language of both cultures, and both celebrate holidays from each culture.
What was the goal of the Gutierrez- Magee Expedition? To keep the revolution against Spain going by invading Texas
Who is described in this list- wild horse trader, said to be a spy for America, and a filibuster? Philip Nolan
Which of these events are in the correct chronological order? Moses Austin receives permission to settle Texas,Mexico becomes independent from Spain,The making of the Mexican Constitution,Empresarios were given contracts
Created by: sealek
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