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Social Studies

Where was Africville located ? North of Halifax
What reputation is Africville develop ? Dirty and poor
How did Halifax move the residents of Africville ? Garbage trucks
What is Cultral diversity ? Variety and differences among culture
What are Traditions ? Customs, beliefs, opinons and stories passed down from one generation
What are Rites ? Ceremonies that are apart of traditional culture
What is Socialization ? Process of learning behaviour that is considered suitable in your culture.
What is Microcosm? Miniature model of society around you.
To become absorbed into mainstream culture is ? Assimilate
What changes culture ? Internal forces and changed attitudes
Sterotyping is ? An image that represents all members of a group as being the same.
What is Prejudice ? veiw based on previously held ideas, rather than knowledge or experience.
Treating a particular group different or unfairly. Discriminate
What is Racism? Mistreatment of people based on race or place of origin.
Use sarcasm or wit to ecpose silly or illogical things people say or do . Satire.
Immigrant ? Someone comming to a new country to live.
Who is Rita Joe ? Mi`kmaq poet.
Why is Rita Joe well known ? Rita Joe is well known because she won the order of Canada for her educational poetry.
What do the initals ECMA stand for ? East Coast Music Awards
Who oragnized the ECMA`s ? Rob Cohn
What year did the ECMA`s begin ? 1989
What was the resettlement program in NFLD ? The goverment decided to resettle people offering 2000 to go to urban areas.
What are Petroglyphs ? Rock Drawings
What is the Acadian slogan ? "In unity there is strength "
What Canadians do not have the right to vote ? criminals, people with mental disabilities, people younger than 18.
What does MP stand for ? Members of parliment
What does MLA stand for ? Memebers of the Legislative Assembly
Created by: sam c