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Chapter 4

Road to Revolution and Victory

It was located on the ridge of the Appalachian Mountains This is how the British protected Colonists from Indian attacks Proclamation Line
a tax on imported molassas This law surprised the colonists in 1765, b/c the English tried to collect it Sugar Act
An example of an internal tax (tax on goods produced in the colonies) A tax on all printed goods Stamp Act
The Parliament claims the right to tax the colonies The Parliament claims the right to tax the colonies Declaratory Act
One of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty One of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty Sam Adams
5 Colonists were killed Paul Revere's drawing of this event made many colonists angry at the British Boston Massacre
Non-Importation Agreements "let's not buy English goods" Boycott
Throw the Tea in the Harbor Oddly enough, this was caused by anger over low prices Boston Tea Party
Coercive Acts Closed the Boston Harbor Intolerable Acts
Colonists had to house soldiers in their homes Colonists had to feed soldiers Quartering Act
Increased the size of Quebec Created a non-representative government in a neighboring colony Quebec Act
Led a rebellion against the British in Detroit A Native American warrior Pontiac
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