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Matchmaking Complaint 1. We make frequent updates to our Matchmaking program in order to improve matchups. 2. We allow new players to team with more experienced summoners. 3. We want summoners to be able to have fun with their friends at a different summoner level. 4. Check out our matchmaking explanation page:
Reset Elo Request 1. It's not possible for me to reset or adjust League Point values or matchmaking rating, or to change a player's current League. 2. Our system was set up this way to prevent abuse.
Free Stuff 1. Unfortunately, policy prohibits me from gifting skins, champions, IP/RP, or other special items at this time. 2. Currently, you can get Alistar and his Unchained skin for free by subscribing to our YouTube channel!
New Content 1. I'm sorry, but I cannot give you any details beyond what you might find on our forums. 2. You will be able to find all the latest updates here:
I Can't Gift 1. To send a gift, you must be at least level 20. 2. The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least two weeks. 3. The player receiving a gift needs to be at least level 10. 4. The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (by LeaverBuster, Tribunal, etc.)
Can't Gift Excuse QQ Summoners need to be added to each other's Friends lists for at least two weeks before a gift can be sent.
Balance QQ 1. We have establisted a set of forums for our players to be able to submit their feedback and advice. 2. We have a team dedicated to balance Champions in order to ensure that all of them are viable picks. 3. I would also recommend having a look at the Guides & Strategy forum board.
Elo Decay 1. To maintain efficiency and accuracy in the League system, it was necessary for us to implement a system to deal with inactivity. 2. After 28 days of inactivity, a player will be hidden from the standings in their League. 3. Every seven days after that, players lose League points until they play another game. 4. The higher your League, the more League Points you will lose: 5. If you fall below zero League Points, you will be placed in a division below the one you are in currently.
I'm Sorry I Can't Help You Gift We will be working to improve the gifting feature in the future and the feedback you have provided to me in your request will help us better understand changes that may need to be made.
Can't Reverse or Refund Gifts Unfortunately, we are not able to reverse or refund gifts at this time.
Gift RP 1. If you send me a picture of something League of Legends related, that you have drawn yourself, I will happily place the RP into your account. :) 2. This will be a one time exception, so please make sure the total is correct.
Gift RP Complete 1. I have completed this request for you. 2. EDIT: Enjoy your new champion or skin!
Sale Price Difference 1. I have made an exception for you and have given you the difference for this content as it was purchased within 2 weeks of the announcement of the sale. 2. The points have been added to your account.
Out of Tokens 1. I am unable to provide you with additional refund tokens. 2. If you have some suggestions regarding a specific champion, please leave comments in our Champion Feeback Forum:
Out of Tokens QQ Once you have depleted your refund tokens, we are not able to process any additional refunds.
Created by: trainingsecret
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