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Cassondra Johnson

Chapter 7-8

Chandragupta Maurya may have been born in the powerful kingdom of Magadha
Who wrote a rulers handbook called the arthasastra Kautilya
Acceptance of people who held different religious beliefs Religious toleration
India's second empire Gupta empire
Chandra Gupta I took the title of Great king of kings
Most Indian families were Patriarchal
Some Tamil groups were Matriarchal
Increased trade led to the Rise do banking in India
Buddhism became a missionary religion during Ashoka region
Today Buddhism is a major religion in East and South Asia
One of Indians greatest writers was Kalieasa
Original teachings belonged to the Theravada
Which ruled china for more than 400 years Han dynasty
Shi Huangdi's policy of establishing Centralized government
Held the throne longer than any other Han emperor He was called the martial emperor
The bureaucracy include 18 different ranks of Civil service
Who was the real ruler after liu bang died Empire lu
What was the kingdom across Kushan Aksum
We're was Kushan located On a rugged plateau on the Red Sea
After Aksum reached its throne who was the ruler Ezana
What are terraces They help the soil to retain water.
What did the Aksumite merchants trade Salt and luxuries
Sahara is the largest what Deserts
Africa is the what Second largest continent in the world
Savanna's is Where most African people live because it is so grassy
Animism is A religion in which spirits play an important role in regulating daily life
Griots are People who keep storytelling alive
Push and pull factors These factors can either push you out of an area or can attract you there
Migration is A permanent move from one country or region to another
One effect of migration Is ideas and technologies may be shared
Spreading their language and culture People call them Bantu speaking peoples
What causes migration If they run out of food or if it's to cold their maybe even if it is not a good place to farm
Created by: Casseyjay1