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Chapter 7&8

1.) How did chandagrupta support his successful war efforts ? He unifies north India
2.) Why did Asoka wage war early in his reign ? To expand his empire
3.) How did Asoka show concern for his subjects well being ? He had wells and rest stops built every nine miles
4.) Why was asokas first campaign also his last? Asoka didn't want to fight in war after he had so many people died, he took up Buddhism .
5.) What caused the fall of the Gupta empire ? Invasion
6.) How did Buddhism change after Buddha died ? Other people have spread his teachings but changed a few things about it.
7.) What were India's main trade goods in the fifth century ? Some cloth and animal hides
8.) what were some of India's contributions to science during the Gupta period ?
9.) How did wudi encourage learning ?
10.) What role did women play in the Han society ? To bare the children
11.) How did the Han Chinese attempt to assimilate coiqured peoples ? How attempted to expand his empire
12.) What does monopoly mean ?
13 .) What is civil service ? Something that you do for your community .
14.) Who was the first ruler of the Han dynasty ?
15.) What are three general vegetation types found in Africa ? Trees,bushes,and cactuses
16.) What is a nok ?
17.) Where is the Sahara ? West Africa
18.) What are push pull factors in migration ? Push would be environmental issues, starvation,war ,etc. Pull would be good environment and vegetation, etc.
19.) What are some effects of migration ? Over population , starvation and not enough land mass
20.) What does push and pull factor ? It would be what has some leave an area or have some one come in and visit or move to an area
21.) How did Aksums lectionaries make it trade city ? It was near an ocean that has trade routes.
22.) Why did the people of Aksum become Christian ? It was the religion that was in that area.
Created by: Brandon Gaines
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