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ch6 and 7 vocab

vocab quiz ch6 and ch7

Lewis and Clark Expedition to cross western portion of U.S.
Zubulon Pike Led pike expedition into southern Louisiana and found the red rover and pikes peak.
Thomas Jefferson Sent lewis and clark on their expidition
Louisiana purhase Napolean waned to reclaim america. COnvinced advisor to sell Louisiana to jefferson for 5million and american gained louisiana
Barbary pirates in tripoli. captured people and made them slaves. looted cargo. U.S went after them
Stephen decatur officer and commander in chief of s naval. many victories. Youngest man to reach captain ranking. Killed barbary pirates.
Judiciary act of 1801 created civil circuit courts. tried to stop judiciary and gain control of it. Fed. vs anti Fed.
marbury v madison comflic b/t marbury and madson. Adams signed commision for marbury, jefferson denied it
John MArshall Supreme court justice. handed marbury v madison
embargo act law passed by congress in 1807 that prohibited all american exports. jefferson passed the law
Non-intercourse act forbade trade only with reat britain and france.
aaron burr vice pres of us.. shot alexander hamiltonin a duel. wanted to take over mexico.
Impressment controversy british method of drafting soldiers. captured american solders. british freed 3800.
william henry harison governor of indian terrirory, relentess general. tippecanoe.`
war of 1812 "forgotten war" b/t us and great britain.
war hawks governing leaders in congress, called for war against great britain.
Henry clay leader of 1820. from kentuky, began developing american system
john C calhoun outstanding southern leader. involved n nullification crisis and Missouri compromise.
Constitution ship
Hartford convention gathering n new England. opposition of Jefferson and war of 1812.
era of good feelings 1817-1823. federalist enabled republicans to govern in a spirit of seemingly nonpartisan party.
John Quincy adams elected president. made many improvements. democrats->federalists. good lawyer and speaker
Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri as slave state. Maine as free state. 1/2 free 1/2 slave.
Transcontinental treaty USA obtained Florida for 5 million. made with Britain.
Tariff of abominations to protect american industry in north us affected southern economy. raised import taxes.
Monroe Doctrine said if europe tries to colinize land with north or south america, the us will intervine.
nullification s.c. decided they could refuse to obey a law by federal gvt.
Created by: loganhensley97