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Chapter 7 & Stuff

electoral college a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
elector person appointed to vote in presidential elections for the major canidates
executive order a rule or command that has the force of law
pardon a declaration of forgiveness and freedom from a punishment
reprieve an order to delay a person's punishment until a higher court can hear the case
amnesty a pardon towards a group of people
foreign policy a nation's plan for dealing with other nations
national security the ability to keep the country safe from from attack or harm
treaties formal agreements between the governments of two or more countries
executive agreement an agreement between the president and a leader of another country
ambassador an official representative of a country's government
trade sanctions efforts to punish another nation by imposing trade barriars
embargo an agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them from trading with a target nation
cabinet a group of presidential advisers that include the heads of the 15 top-level executive departments
federal bureaucracy the agencies and employees of the executive branch
independent agencies federal board or commission that is not part of any cabinet department
government corporations a business owned and operated by the federal govenment
political appointees people whom the president has chosen because they have proven executive ability or were important supporters of the president's elections
civil service workers 90% of all national governments
civil service system the practice of hiring government workers on the basis of open, competitive examinations and merit
spoils system government jobs went to people as a reword for their political support
merit system governments hire new workers from lists of people who have passed the tests or otherwise met civil service standards
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