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2 Vocab words


Declaration of Independence Signed on July 4th 1776 ; we declared independence from Great Britain . Written by Thomas Jefferson with input from John Adams and Benjamin Franklin
Rural Relates to the country side , less populated areas . Economy based on agriculture Ex: rural - .lumberton
Urban Relates to cities , more population. Economy based on commerce and trade. Ex: urban Beaumont
Dred scott vs. Stanford Land mark Supreme Court case in 1857 , which comfirmed the status of slaves as property than citizens . The court said a slave could not be heard in federal court because he was not a citizen , so slaves were no protected under the constitution .
Emancipation proclamation Declared on September 22 1862 to take effect on January 1 1865 , declared that aly . Slaves in the confederate states would be free.
English bill of rights Passed in 1689 - accepted by king William and queen Mary . Granted certain rights to all English citizens . England moved from an absolute monarchy to a limited monarchy
William pen Establish a colony on Pennsylvania as a refuge for quackers , were they could create a government based on their religious teachings .
Federalism Is the distribution of power between a federal government and the states within the union . This is the system of government of the United States
Robert E. Lee Famous military hero ; became commanding general of the confederate army in 1861. Has gone down in history as one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen
Federalist Developed out of the constitutionary convention of 1789 Wanted a strong national government (James Madison , Alexander hamiton , and john jay )
Anti federalist Developed out of the constitutionary convention of 1789 Wanted a weak national government and strong state governments (Patrick Henry and George mason )
The great awakening 1rst-they were new ideas dealing with religion in the U.S,1rst-1730's-1740's- movement from presidential to salvation through good works 2nd-in the 1800's movement favoring a more personal and emotional approach to faith than a rational appr. to faith
Founding fathers Applied to those individuals who played a major role in declaring u.s independence , fighting the revolutionary war , or writing and passing the u.s construction
Free blacks These were former slaves or descendants of slaves in both the north and the south . They were born free from slavery or bought their freedom . Although they were free , they were denied basic rights like the right to vote
Free enterprise system Economic system based on supply and demand . The motivation of profit is an important factor of this system
French and Indian war A war fought between England and France in colonial North America , (1756 - 1763 )
The fundamental orders of Connecticut The first written constitutio In the American colonies . Established in 1630's ; was not only a pact between the government and the people but also government and goal
John Marshall Served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835 . Established the power of that Supreme Court and the concept of judicial review
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