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Cameron chico

Ch. 7-8

Tamil A language of southern India, also the people that speak the language
Kautilya wrote a leaders handbook called? Arthasastra
Mauryan empire The first empire in India, founded by Chandragupta Maurya
Who brought the Mautyan Empire to its greatest heights? asoka
What is religious toleration Acceptance of people who held different religious beliefs
Patriarchal Relating to a social system in which the father is head of the family
Matriarchal Relating to a social system in which the mother is head of the family
What is Indias two main religions Hinduism and buddhism
Buddhist had divided over the new doctrines. Those who accepted them belonged to what sect? Mahayana
Stupas Mounded stone structures built over holy relics
Who were the three most importanat hindu Gods? Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Who was one if Indias greatest writers Kalidasa
India has always been rich in what precious resources? Spices, diamonds, sapphires, gold, pearls and beautiful woods
Increased trade led to what? The rise of banking in India.
Han Dynasty Chinese dynasty that ruled from 202b.c. To a.d.9
What is a central authority controlling the running of a state? Centralized government
Civil service The administrative departments of a government especially those in which employees are hired on the base of their scores on examinations
Wudis first set of enemies where? Xiongnu
Besides taxes, the peasants owed the government what? A months worth of labor, or military service every year
Before paper, what was books written on? Silk
What are the largest deserts in Africa? Sahara, and Kalahari
Sahel The african region along the southern border of the Sahara.
What fly is found in the rain forest? Tsetse
Savannas Grassy plain
Africas earliest people were what? Nomadic hunter-gathers
Animism A religion in which spirits play an important role in regulating daily life
Griots Story tellers
What is a permanent move from one country or region to another? Migration
These factors can either push people out of an area or pull them into an area? Push-pull factors
Bantu-speaking people Small groups of people moving southward throughout Africa spreading their language and culture.
How may people in Africa speak one of Bantu languages as their first language? Aproximatly 240 million
Life in a newly populated area changes because of? The influx of new people..
What is a push example? Climate changes, resources, earthquakes, volcanos, drought/ famine.
What is a pull example? Abundant land, new resources, good climate
Aksum An African kingdom in what is now Ethiopia, and Eritrea that reached the height of its power in the fourth century.
Who accupied the throne between A.D. 325 and 360? Ezana
The Aksumite reliogion believed in what? One God.
Pillars of Aksum have what? False doors and windows.
Islamic invaders conquered vast terrotories where? In the Mediterranean world.
Terraces A new form of agriculture in Aksum
Nok An african people who lived in what is now Nigeria.
Aksumites were the first state to mint their own? Money.
Created by: Chico315