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Ch 8 Notes

Judiciary Act of 1789 Established the federal court system with 13 district courts and 3 circuit courts
Treaty of Greenville opened most of Ohio to white settlers
Precendent a tradition
Department of Treasury handles financial matters for the nation
Deparmtent of War (Defense) Handles defense with other nations
Department of State Handles relations with foreign nations
Bill of Rights First 10 amendments that were added to the Consitutition which protects individual rights
Jay's Treaty Great Britain and USA to settle issues still not settled from the American Revolution
Pinckney's Treaty Spain and USA Navigation of the Mississippi River
Whiskey Rebellion Pennsylvania Farmers rebelling over having to pay taxes on Whiskey
John Jay 1st Supreme Court Cheif Justice
Federalist Party Rule by the wealthy national bank strong federal government
Democratic-Republicans Party Rule by ordinary people state banks strong state governement
Sedition Act made it illegal to speak, write, or publish false scandalous and malicious criticisms of the government
Alien Act gave the president the power to deport aliens
Proclamation of Neutrality prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war and barred French and British warships from American ports
XYZ Affair Crisis with France secret agents tried to bribe the american delegates
Alexander Hamilton First secretary of treasury
Henry Knox First secretary of war
Thomas Jefferson First secretary of state
Aaron Burr Jefferson's running mate in 1796
George Washington Elected 1st President of USA
John Adams Selected First Vice President Won the Election of 1796
Proclamation of Neutrality prohibited American citizens from getting involved in the war between France and Great Britain.
Washington's Farewell Told American's to avoid political parties and foreign alliances they would break the nation apart
Edmund Randolph 1st attorney general
Washington DC capital of the USA chosen as a result of a compromise between Northern and Southern states
Virginia and Kentucky Resolution States rights
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