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chapter 3 history

New empires in in the Americas

Council of the Indies Formed to govern the Americas from Spain - it wrote laws, selected officials, and judged legal cases
Hernando Desoto fought with pizzarro in peru, led the conquestadors North looking for gold
Peter Minuit Bought manhatten island from the Local American Indians, founded New Amsterdam
Bartolome do Las Casa He was a encomendero who became a priest, He protested the encomerdero sytem and defended American Indians.
Ponce de Leon Went to Florida in search of the Fountain of youth
El Camino Real "the Royal Road" it was built by Spanish settlers to connect scattered communities of new spain
Charter A document giving permission to start a colony
Sea Dogs Sailors who raided Spanish treasure ships
Francisco Pizarro Conqured the inca empire and killed their leader
Conquistadores Spanish soldier who led military expiditions in america
El Greco A greek artist famous for his paintings
jacgues Cartier `French explorer who sailed to North America in 1534
Samuel de Champlain Helped give france a claim to North America
Protestants Protesters of the Catholic Church
Inca An empire ruled by Atahaulpa
Vasqus de Coronado captured the Zuni colony called cibolor
Junipero Serra Missionary that wanted to spread Christianity to the indians
Pueblos Served as military post and centers of studies
Missions Build around a church and converted American Indians to Catholism
Presidios Military forts
martin Luther Catholic preist in Germany became well know for protesting the policies of the catholic church
Malintzin American indian woman who served as a interpreture
Montreal became the center for the fur trade
TENOCHTITLAN AND CORTES cortez invaided tenochititlan in 1519
American Indian labor in new spain American Indians would trade furs
KING HENERY VIIII AND THE ANGELIC CHURCH King Henery founded the angelic church
Spanish Armada Fleet of ships sent to invade england
French explorers and American Indians The would trade furs for jewelry and tools
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