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Chapter 5


Sugar Act 1764, put a tax on molasses
Stamp Act 1765, taxed things such as diplomas, wills, and marriage papers
Petition a formal written request to someone in authority signed by a group of people
Boycott to refuse to buy certain goods or services
Townshend Acts 1767, taxed goods such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea
Writs of Assistance allowed British officers to check a ship's cargo without given a reason
Quartering Act gave British soldiers the right to rest at any colonist's house instead of army camps
Tea Act 1773, let the British East India Company 1767, bypass the tea merchants and sell directly to the colonists
Intolerable Atcs had 4 parts: Boston Port Act Massachusetts Government Act Massachusetts Injustice Act Quartering Act
Quebec Act set up a government for Canada and gave complete religious freedom to French Catholics
Militia army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
Minutemen kept their muskets at hand and were prepared to fight at a minute's notice
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