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SWAT Vocab 1st 9 Wk

vocab words for first 9 weeks - SWAT

Military outposts built by the Spanish were called Presidios
What religion were Spanish friars eager to spread Catholicism
People of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage are called mestizos
What city in Spanish Texas was the largest settlement and capital by 1772 San Antonio
The chapel of Mission San Antonio de Valero is now known as the Alamo
Mission San Antonio de Valero is founded in what year 1718
People of Mexican heritage who consider Texas their home Tejano
San Antonio becomes the capital in what year 1772
Spanish establish six missions and one fort in East Texas in what year 1716
What city became the unofficial capital of Texas in 1722 Los Adaes
What was the first Spanish mission in East Texas San Francisco de los Tejas
What was the first permanent settlement of Europeans in Texas, the mission of Corpus Christi de la Ysleta
This mission became known as "Mother of Texas Missions" San Juan Bautista
Mission Corpus Christi de la Ysleta is located near what preset-day city El Paso
Who are advisers to the viceroy Council
People of mixed Spanish and Native American or Canary Island heritage Mestizo
He marched to Texas with 500 men to reestablish abandoned missions in East Texas Aguayo
Group which regularly raided San Antonio, making life dangerous for European settlers Apaches
The settling of east Texas halted when war broke out between Spain and the British False
Efforts to Christianize the Plains Indians failed. True
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