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5th Grade SFdS Chapter 3 Lessons 1 and 2

Key ItemDefinition
Technology The scientific knowledge and tools
Navigation The science of planing and following a route
Expedition A trip taken with the goal of exploring
Empire Is made up of lands ruled by the nation that won control of them
Entrepreneur They set up and run a business
Cost Effort made to achieve or gain something
Benefit Reward gained
Reconquista The movement to make Spain all Catholic
Marco Polo Wrote a book about his voyage to Cathay (China)
Johannes Guenburg Developed a printing press in the 1450s
Prince Henry Opened a school of navigation
Christopher Columbus Sailor who disagreed that the only way to reach Asia was to go east
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Argeed to help Christopher Columbus and pay for his voyage
San Salvador An island on which all three of Columbus's ships were anchored
Isthmus A narrow strip of land that connects two large land areas
Treaty An agreement between countries
John Cabot Italian sailor paid by the king to lead an expedition sailing west across the Atlantic
Amerigo Vespucci The man America was named after; sailed down to the coast of South America
Vasco Nunez de Balboa One of the first Europeans to settle in the Americas
Ferdinand Magellan Proved that Vespucci was right with the aim of finding a western route to Asia
Treaty of Tordesillas Treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to move the dividing line further west
Created by: Mrs. Hastings