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Harmon's Asia

Asian Civilizations

Chandragupta Founded the Maurya Empire
Asoka Emphasized truth, justice, charity, religious tolerance, and nonviolence
Gupta Developed the basic principles of Algebra
Sanskrit major language of N. India
Mongols Learned the Song's technology and used it against them
bushido code of chivalry that emphasized compliance with daily etiquette, contempt for physical danger, and loyalty to the feudal lord
Zhou Introduction of iron implements, written laws, and metal coins happened during this dynasty
Samurais warriors
Chandragupta II Ruler of Gupta Empire
Mongols respected the highly advanced culture of its conquered people
Meiji Restoration New leaders were chosen, transformation took place, and enlightened peace
Changan Tang capital city--grew to be the largest city in the world at the time, with 2 million people
Tang This dynasty stressed civil service examinations for government officials
Wang An-shih Under this Chief Minister, the Song state imposed a program of reform that encountered upper class opposition and generated fear of too much government.
nobles War between powerful ______ ended the Zhou Dynasty.
Chinese sailors They invented the mariner's compass during the Song Dynasty
Marco Polo visited China and wrote a book
Tai Cong Under this ruler, the Chinese claimed they were a meritocracy, a system in which people are chosen and promoted for their talents and performance
shogun means "most influential lord"
Xuanzang Under this emperor, a fine translucent pottery, known as "china", became popular
Song invented gunpowder
Zhou Dynasty longest-ruling Chinese dynasty
Ghenghis Khan founder of the Mongol Empire
Shi Huangdi linked the sectional fortifications inot the 4,000 mile Great Wall of China.
Lady Shikibu Marasaki wrote the world's first novel, "The Tale of Genji"
Turks & Tibetans Turmoil with these two groups led to the decline and fall of the Tang Dynasty
daimios means "local lords"
Matthew Perry opened Japan's ports to American trade
Japan This civilization had a 700 year feudal period of rule by the warrior class
Song rulers Centralized government, promoted education, and retained the Confucian civil service examinations
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