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the revolutionary wa

The Revolutionary Period

which war lead to increased taxes on the colonists during the years leading up to the revolutionary war French and Indian war
what limitation was placed on colonies regarding trading prior o the revolution no longer allowed to trade than England new taxes
Sugar Act taxes on sugar and molasses imported from the West Indies
Stamp Act tax on newspapers and other paper products
Townshend Act taxes on tea, paper, glass and coloring for paints
Intolerable Acts quartering act; the Boston Port act; Massachusetts Gov. act; Quebec act
which colony did the intolerable acts aim for New York
which colony did not participate in this gathering Georgia
what was the first battle of the revolutionary war battle of Lexington and concord
what changed in Georgia as a result of the war beginning protest increased Tories were openly harassed and the governor was ignored
what group met 3 weeks after the battle of Lexington and concord and what they do the 2nd continental congress met sent a petition to king George 3. formed continental army unofficial delegate Lyman hall
who was Georgia's unofficial delegate to the second continental congress Lyman hall
what group met in Georgia to decide upon the delegates for the second continental congress provincial congress
who were the delegates from Georgia Lyman hall, Archibald Bulloch, John Houston, Noble Wimberley, Rev. John Zubly and Button Gwinnett
who met to form a new government for Georgia council of safety
what did they decide to do withdrew from great Britain
what happened to governor wright as a result wright was arrested. wright later escaped
what document urged colonists to separate from Great Britain, and was its author? Thomas Paine's common sense
what document was approves by the second continental congress on July 4, 1776 APPROVED the declaration of independence
what did each f 3 sections of the declaration of independence include preamble; body; conclusion
which 3 Georgians signed the declaration of independence Lyman hall, Button Gwinnett, George Walton
what 3 things happened in Georgia as a result of the declaration Georgians began to prepare for war. sent food & ammunition to the continental army. began to strengthen GA militia
what change was made in the government of GA as a result of its constitution everyone to have a chance to govern themselves
the 2 things GA new government was upon separation of powers how the were governed
what where the changes enacted by GA 1st constitution replace parish system; replace bi-cameral legislature with unicameral legislature; governor were extremely limited
who was selected as GA's 1 constitution adopted savannah
who was selected as GA's 1 governor John Treutlen
who had the most power as a result of the 1 constitution 12 member executive council
what was the first constitution of the U.S articles of confederation
1777-1778 Georgian members of the continental army made several unsuccessful attempts to capture British held St. Augustine and parts of east Florida
December 1778 British troops attacked and took control of Savannah
January 1779 British troops took over port of
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