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History Unit 10

How long does WWI last? 1914- Nov 11,1918
armistice stop fighting
Name the Central/Axis Powers 1)Germany 2)Austria-Hungary 3)Bulgaria 4)Ottoman Empire aka Turkey
Allies 1)England 2)France 3)Russia
leader of Germany Kaiser Wilhelm
Leader of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph
Who does Franz Ferdinand marry and why is this a cardinal sin? Sophie, commoner
Why do Franz Joseph and Sophie travel to Germany and Sarajevo? treated better
Bosnia and Herzegovina were taken by Austria-Hungary
Black Hand Goal To assonate Franz Ferdinand
Who kills Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip
Causes of WWI in Europe? MAIN-militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
Militarism draft for the army, glorification of the military
Alliances Triple Alliance/Central Powers/Axis- Germany, Austria Hungary, Bulgaria Triple Entente/Allies- England, France Russia
Who was the only royal family to survive? GB
Russia ruler Romanoff's-Tsar Nicholas
Austria-Hungary rulers Hapsburgs-Franz Joseph, Franz Ferdinand
Germany rulers Hohenzollern-Kaiser Wilhelm
England ruler Queen Victoria
Russia is having a revolution and the Bolsheviks take over led by who? Vladimir Lenin
Lenin preaches Peace, land, bread
When does Russia get out of the War? 1917- Germany is winning
Ends the War between Russia and Germany Treaty of Breast-Litov
Nickname of WWI Great War
What killed most people in WWI? disease
what ended the war and who was to blame? Treaty of Versailles- Germany
Russia had a February Rev and October Rev led by.. February- Kerensky October-Lenin & Bolshivicks
Cause of WWI in the US 1) unrestricted Sub warfare by Germans 2) sinking of the Lusitania 3)1917-unrestriced sub warfare again4) Allied Propaganda 5)Hostile toward Germany 6)Zimmerman note 7)economic interests
Created by: AmandaaC