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BUYS_Standard 5

What was the primary reason the US military intervened in areas like Mexico, Latin America, and the Carribbean? To protect business/ economic interests
What is a term used to describe sensational headlines of a newspaper? Yellow Journalism
What is Big Stick Diplomacy? The threat of using military force in foreign policy
What MAIN event was the off-set of the Spanish American War? Sinking of USS Maine
What is the Monroe Doctrine? Opposition to any European interference in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere
The Open Door Policy applies to international trade with WHAT COUNTRY? China
What key fueling stop did the US gain after the Spanish- American War? The Phillippines
To prevent involvement in another European War, the US kept to itself in a policy known as ___________________. Isolationism
Boat sunk during Mexican American War USS Maine
Boat sunk during WWI Lusitania
When did WWI start 1914
President Wilson's plan for peace was referred to as the fourteen points plan
Why did the USA decide not to participate in the League of Nations it may take the focus off American interests
What was the goal of the League of Nations to maintain world peace
What was the Zimmerman Telegram a note from Germany to Mexico encouraging Mexico to attack the USA and reclaim Texas
Yellow Journalism is.... Sensational newpaper headlines
Muckrackers investigative journalism reporting to expose a wrong
The Jungle was a book that was written to expose the meatpacking industry.
Does Solid South refer to REPUBLICANS or DEMOCRATS? Democrats
Judicial Review is best defined as... the power to declare a law unconstitutionals
Laissez- Faire means... Government HANDS OFF. Prices and Wages should be determined by the marketplace.
If someone is a philanthropist they give generously to society. I.E. help poor people.
19th Amendment allowed women to vote
Thomas Paine's Common Senese helped the Revolutionary War because it persuaded Americans to support independance from Britian
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