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US His 7

Wealthy banker served as Secretary of State of the Treasury in the Harding administration Andrew Mellon
Set Theories of Darwinism (evolution) against fundamentalism Scopes Trial
Agreement to settle international debts from WWI Dawes Plan
1920's cultural outpouring of African Americans Harlem Renaissance
First talking film staring Al Jolson The Jazz Singer
Wrote about the pain and pride of being black Langston Hughes
Manufacturing method in which workers preformed one step Mass production
Psychologist who studied the unconscious mind Sigmund Freud
Targeted blacks, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants Ku Klux Klan
Period during which stock values increase Bull market
In the 20's what was happening to the income of farmers? It was declining
Jim Crow Laws that existed in the South that created strong descrimination against blacks
After WWI what happened that damaged the United State's reputation in the eyes of other world countries? The United States demanded that the war debts be paid
What other vices did prohibition encouraged bootleggers to do that caused growth in organized crime? Branch out in other illegal activities such as drugs, robbery and murder
Twenty First Amendment Repealed the 18th Amendment dealing with Prohibition
Where did a black middle class emerge? New York, Chicago, Cleveland
Why did Marcus Garvey's movement of moving back to Africa fall apart? He was deported an no one was left to lead the people.
Method of studying and improving efficiency Scientific management
Used by Henry Ford to assemble cars efficiently and more cheaply Assembly line
Period of time when new goods became widely available Consumer revolution
Type of credit in which a small down payment is followed by monthly payments Installment buying
Form of credit often used to buy stock during the 20's Buying on margin
Condition of American Economy following WWI A brief recession followed by economic growth
The major result of Henry Ford's manufacturing techniques Prices of cars went down
The result of many Americans' owning cars Stimulated growth of new industries such as the hotels, motel chains, restaurants, gas stations
Many were enjoying the wealth of the 20's, which group of people was not? Farmers
Secretary of Comerce under Pres Harding Herbert Hoover
World leaders used this conference to limit international construction of warships Washington Naval Disarmament
Arranges for US loans to Germany Dawes Plan
The nation experienced an economic boom under this president Calvin Coolidge
Pres. Harding and Coolidge favored these types of policies Those that aided the growth of big businesses
Reduced the regulations on businesses put into place by the Progressives Pres. Warren G. Harding
Pres. Coolidge's believed that the creation of wealth did what? It benefited the nation as a whole
In the 20's, what were most national leaders planning to do to avoid war? Join the World Court
What did Pres. Coolidge to help Mexican Americans and African Americans? He did nothing, he ignored their issues
Outlawed the use of, production of, possession of alcohol. 18th Amendment
Created to regulate immigration from specific countries Quota System
Most celebrated attorney in America Clarence Darrow
Provided legal defense for John Scopes when he was charged with teaching evolution in Tennessee. The Civil Liberties Union
Sold illegal alcohol to consumers Bootleggers
Clash of fundamentalism and modernism over the teaching of evolution Scopes Trial
Largest cultural split that existed in America in the 1920's It existed between the urban Americans and rural Americans
Why were urban Americans more interested than rural Americans in formal education? Higher paying jobs in the cities required a good education
Initial, the Scopes Trial was a clash between... Religion and Science
The Ku Klux Klan fought against this idea in America The United States was a "melting pot" of cultures
Actor who player "The Little Tramp" in silent movies Charlie Chaplin
Symbol of the new women of the 1920's Flapper
Author of "The Great Gatsby" F. Scott Fitzgerald
Wrote in a powerful concrete style Ernest Hemingway
First movie with synchronized sound "The Jazz Singer" staring Al Jolson
Popular jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong
Published folktales of Florida Zora Neale Hurston
Most militant Harlem Renaissance writer Claude McKay
Popular Blues singer Bessie Smith
African American who organized a "Back to Africa" movement Marcus Garvey
Outpouring of African American culture Harlem Renaissance
Why did large numbers of African Americans migrate North during the 1920's A chance of a better future
An blend of African American and European music Jazz
What subject did the literature of the Harlem Renaissance explore? The pains and joys of being black in America
Repealed Prohibition 21st Amendment
Many African Americans who moved to New York, Chicago and Cleveland enjoyed... Financial success
Why did Marcus Garve's plan fail? He was jailed and deported to Jamaica. His plan had no leader
Model T Automobile manufactured by Henry Ford to be affordable on the mass market
Assembly line Arrangement of workers and equipment in which work passes from operation to operation in direct line until the product is assembled
Teapot Dome Scandal During Pres. Harding's administration, The Secretary of the Interior leased government oil reserves to private oilmen in return for bribes.
Modernism Trend that emphasized science and secular values over traditional ideas about religion
Traditionalism People do tasks the way they have always been done.
Fundamentalism Movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles
Prohibition Forbidding by law the manufacturing, transporting, or selling of alcohol.
Volstead Act Enacted by Congress to enforce the Eighteenth Amendment
"wet" Nickname given to people who argued that it did not stop people from drinking, it helped create organized crime
Bootleggers One who sells illegal alcohol
"Spirit of St. Louis" Name of airplane Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean
KDKA Pittsburgh First radio station
"The Lost Generation" Nickname given to American writers of the 1920s who searched for new truths and fresh ways of expressing those truths in their writing
Albert Fall Sec. of Interior involved in Teapot Dome Scandal, leased government oil reserves to private oilmen in return for bribes.
Calvin Coolidge Became US Pres. when Pres. Harding died of a heart attack, Known as Silent Cal, quiet, honest, frugal, under him the US prospered
William Jennings Bryan Three time presidential candidate and long time defender of rural values, was the expert witness at the Scopes Trial
Al Capone Crime boss
Babe Ruth Baseball homerun king, sports hero
Charles Lindbergh First man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Nick named the "Lone Eagle" and "Lucky Lindy"
Ernest Hemingway Wrote "Farewell to Arms" 1929 novel about WWI, member of "Lost Generation", developed a style of writing that was concrete and as powerful as a rifle shot
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