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Grade 5 socials

Haley's study stack

who and what was a lady in waiting? a young girl taking away to train for her own household
where was wagadu and when did it exist? it was at the west africa sahara in 300-1100
how did imperiel china change in the 1000? an examination of the empire in the goverment.
three jobs the kings had to do ? take care of his people,treat ladys with respect,rule large territories
what was the magna-carta? a document that the king had to sign saying that he does not have the most power .
what countreys in the mid evil times were involved in fighting? england,norway,france,normandy and spain
what did pages and squires have to do? pages had to run earinns,and perpare the meals ...squires had to do armory making and dubbed a kight .
how old did a knight have to be when he was dubbed? 21
what were the 2 factors that effected a lady when chosen queen? she could not marry the man of her coice ..she had to marry at the age of 14
what were pesents jobs? the looked after the manor in exchange for protection of invadors
Created by: haleymac