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Ancient Egypt

Who made paper and what was it made out of? The farmers made paper and it was made with papyrus reeds.
Who was on the top of the social pyramid? The Pharaoh
What were the Pharaoh's powers? They had religious and political powers.
Who was responsible for keeping the gods happy? The Priests
What were the priests responsible for? Keeping the gods happy.
What would happen if the gods were not happy? There would be nateral disasters (i.e.- earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)or even just bad things in general
Who served the Pharaoh? The priests.
True or False: The physicians documented detailed treatments for wounds and diseases. True
Who were the only people that ever got to learn hieroglyphics? The Scribes
What is the worlds largest river? The Nile River
What is the river in Egypt? The Nile River
What fertilizes the deserts of Egypt? The Nile's annual floods.
What was the title of the holiest book? The Book of the Dead
What was in the "Book of the Dead"? Prayers and Incantations. It also helped priests preach.
What was the writing form called in Egypt? Hieyroglyphics
True or False: There are both consonants and vowels in the Hieroglyphic alphabet. False, there were only consonants.
Which god gave the gift of writing? Thoth, god of wisdom.
How many Hieroglyphic characters are there? around 700
How long does it take to learn ALL of the characters of hieroglyphics? around 12 years
True or False: Hieroglyphics represented sounds and basic words. True
How many languages were on the Rosetta Stone? What were they? Demotic, Greek, and Hieroglyphics
True or False: Hieroglyphics can be written left to right and right to left. True
How long was it that people couldn't read Hieroglyphics? around 1400 years
When did people discover Hieroglyphics? In the 1800s.
Who unified Egypt and when? Menes (or Narmer)/3100 BCE
What were the years of the Old Kingdom? 2600 BCE to 2100 BCE
What were the years of the Middle Kingdom? 2100 BCE to 1700 BCE
How old was King Tut when he started ruling Egypt? He was 9 years old.
Did King Tut die old or young? He died young.
Was King Narmer the King that declared that he was the ruler of both Upper an Lower Egypt? Yes
Did the Nile River flow upstream or downstream? Upstream
When did Narmer unify Upper and Lower Egypt? in 3100 BCE
Where were the capitals based? Memphis and Thebes, Egypt
Created by: mporterfield3
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