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AP Gov flashcards

Political Parties

Attentive public Those who follow politics and public affairs carefully
Conservative Political ideology associated with those that favor slow or moderate change and limited government power. Associated with the Republican party and more recently the social conservatives who favor "faith-based" solutions.
Democrat Associated with liberal political ideology. Favor greater government action to promote the welfare of people and society as whole.
Demographics Characteristics of populations, e.g., race, sex, income.
Gender Gap Difference in voting patterns for men and women, particularly in the greater tendency of the latter to vote for Democratic presidential candidates
Ideology Set of beliefs about political values and the role of government
Independent One's not registered with a political party. Independent learners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting
Liberal Political ideology associated with those that favor more government involvement and action to meet individual and societal needs
Party Identification A sense of affiliation that a person has with a particular political party
Party platform A list of positions and programs that the party adopts at the national convention. Each position is called a plank
Political Culture The widely shared beliefs, values, and norms that citizens share about their government
Political efficacy Capacity to understand and influence political events
Political Socialization Process in which one acquires his/her political beliefs
Republican Political ideology associated with conservatism, resistant to quick change. Often support policies such as free trade, local action, and fiscal responsibility
Solid South Historically, the South voted solidly Democratic. However the south is now strongly Republican. Bush carried every Southern state in 2000.
Split ticket voting Casting votes for candidates of one's own party and for candidates of opposing parties, e.g., voting for a Republican presidential candidate and a Democratic congressional candidate
Straight ticket voting
Swing state A state that doesn't consistently vote for either Democratic or republican in presidential elections
3rd Party AKA Minor Parties, created due to dissatisfaction with the 2 major parties especially concerned with specific issues and political trends, Not very competitive in elections but can ensure that major political parties their concerns
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