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US Studies

Vocabulary for unit 2

Socialism An economic and political philosophy that favor public (or social) instead of private control of property and income.
Craft union A union of laborers devoted to a specific craft
Collective bargaining Process in which workers negotiate as a group with employers
Industrial union Union that organizes workers from all crafts in a given industry
Scab Negative term for a worker called in by an employer to replace striking laborers
Anarchist A radical who opposes all government
Haymarket Riot 1886 labor-related violence in Chicago
Pullman strike 1894 railway workers’ strike that spread nationwide
Literacy The ability to read and write
Assimilation Process by which people of one culture merge into and become part of another culture
Philanthropist A person who give donations to worthy causes
Niagara Movement Founded in 1905, a group of African Americans that called for full civil liberties, an end to racial discrimination, and recognition of human brotherhood
Vaudeville A type of variety show that first appeared in the 1870’s, often consisting of comic sketches, song- and- dance routines, and magic acts
Yellow Journalism Sensational news coverage, emphasizing crime and scandal
Ragtime A type of music featuring melodies with shifting accents over a steady, marching- band beat that originated among black musicans in the South and Midwest in the 1800’s
Poll Tax A special fee that must be paid before a person can vote
Grandfather clause Passage in a law that exempts a group of people from obeying the law if they had met certain conditions before the law was passed
Segregation Forced separation , oftentimes by race
Jim Crow Statutes, beginning in the 1890’s, that required segregation of public service by race
Plessy v. Ferguson 1896 Supreme Court decision that segregation was legal as long as the separate facilities provided for blacks were equal to those who provided for whites
Lynching Murder of an accused person by a mob without a lawful trial
National Association for the advancement of Colored People Organization founded in 1909 to abolish segregation and discrimination, to oppose racism, and to gain civil rights for African Americans
Department store Large retail establishment that carries a wide variety of goods and sells in large quantities
Rural free delivery Beginning in 1896, free delivery offered by the U.S Post Office to farm families in rural areas
Mail-order catalog Printed material advertising a wide range of goods that can be purchased by mail
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