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Ch.1 Sec.3

Native Americans Fight to Survive

Sand Creek Massacre 1864 attach in which 200 Cheyenne were killed by the Colorado militia
Sitting Bull Sioux Chief who led attack on Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn
Dawes Act 1887 law that distributed reservation land to individual Native American owners
Wounded Knee Massacre Mass killing by U.S. soldiers of 300 unarmed Sioux at Wounded Knee, SD, in 1890
What was the last major Native American victory? Battle of Little Bighorn
Why were buffalo killed? make leather and feed railroad workers
Why were there Native American boarding schools? To teach farming, English, Christianity, and wear American cloths
land that allowed a Native American tribe to settle on? Reservation
Assimilation to become like the majority culture
why did the Dawes Act fail? Not all Native Americans wanted to be farmers, Lacked the tools/money to be successful, sold land for a fraction of real value to white settlers
How did Native Americans resist white efforts to take their land? Did not sign treaties, attacked settlements and soldiers-Little Bighorn was last major victory
Created by: cwright14