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Verbes en ER

acheter buy
adorer adore; love
aider help
aimer love; like
ajouter add
allumer turn on
amener bring (person)
annuler cancel
appeler call
appuyer push down; support
arriver arrive
arrêter stop
attirer attract
avancer go on
balayer sweep
bercer rock to sleep
blesser hurt
calmer calm
casser break
chanter sing
chercher look for
cliquer click
commencer begin
continuer continue, to go on
crier shout
cuisiner cook
danser dance
défiler march, parade, scroll (tech.)
déjeuner have lunch
demander ask
dessiner draw
dîner have dinner
diriger direct, lead
donner give
douter doubt
écouter listen
effrayer frighten, scare
embêter bother
entrer enter
envoyer send
étudier study
espérer hope for
essayer try
fâcher anger
fêter celebrate
gagner win
goûter taste
gronder scold
habiter live
imprimer print
insister insist
intéresser interest
inviter invite
jeter throw, throw away
jouer play
laisser leave, let
laver wash
manger eat
marcher walk
mélanger mix
monter climb
nager swim
naviguer navigate (tech.)
oublier forget
organiser organize
parler talk
participer participate
passer spend (time), go through (space)
payer pay
penser think
pleurer cry
préférer prefer
présenter present
ranger clean up, organize, put away
regarder watch
remercier thank
répéter repeat
rester stay, remain
rêver dream
saluer say hi/bye, salute
sauter jump
sauvegarder save (tech; file, document)
sélectionner select
souhaiter wish for
souligner underline
surfer surf
taper type, hit
télécharger download
téléphoner call on the phone
terminer finish, end
tomber fall
tourner turn
travailler work
trouver find
utiliser use
visiter visit
voler fly, steal
voter vote
voyager travel