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Where did the Pilgrims go after they left England? Netherlands
These people wanted to correct the Church's wrongs. Who were they? Puritans
The English broke away from Catholic Church and started their own church, which was known as? Church Of England
These people wanted to break all ties with the Church of England. Who were they? Separatists
A group of investors; Pilgrims asked merchants to buy a stock so they could start a new colony in North America. Joint Stock Company
Pastor and governor of Plymouth William Bradford
First document to set up a self- government. A cornerstone to American form of government Mayflower Compact
Who was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims? Samoset
Who was able to speak fluent English and taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and catch fish? Squanto
A group of Native American tribes that were ruled by Chief Massasoit Wampanoag
When and why did the Pilgrims leave England? September 1620 and because of religious purposes
Why did they leave the Netherlands? The Pilgrims left the Netherlands because they were afraid that their children would lose their English heritage and culture.
In what month did the Pilgrims reach Cape Cod? In November of the same year
How long did the Pilgrims live in the Netherlands before they moved? The remained there for a decade under strict Dutch Rules.
In the years 1607-1617, where did the Pilgrims try to live? They tried to live in Amsterdam first then Leiden in the Netherlands.
In the years 1620-1692 where did the Pilgrims live? They set sail for Jamestown, but landed in Cape Cod.
What was the first permanent settlement for the English? Plymouth
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