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When England broke away from the catholic church what did they do? They created the Church of England
What was happen at the church of England that caused the pilgrims to break apart from it? The church was say if you give this much money you will go to heave in the after life.
What are the difference between the Separatists and the Puritans? The Separatists didn't want anything to do with The Church of England they did not want to fix the problems so they just broke away. But Puritans wanted to fix the problems with The Church of England.
Where did the separatist go? They went to the Netherlands to live.
Why did the separatist leave the Netherlands? They left the Netherlands because they did not like the jobs they had to do and they were a faird of losing their English Heritage and Language.
So where did the pilgrims go and how? The pilgrims got some stock so they could get a ship so them can sail to the New World.
What happen on the voyage that screw up their plans? Because of storms they got off course so they landed to far north at Cape Cod.
Who was Squnto? Squnto was a Native American that helped the pilgrims hunt, fish, and what crops to plant.
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