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American History

Great Awakening and Enlightenment

What was Enlightenment? The age of reason and science, when people relied on their beliefs and challenged traditional teachings.
Who influenced Thomas Jefferson? John Locke
What kind of people were involved in the Enlightenment? Upper-class people
What kind of people were involved in the Great Awakening? Lower-class people and working-class
What was the Great Awakening? Religious revival when the people were empowered to challenge the Church's authority
What were both the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment important? They influenced important figures in the American Revolution.
In the Enlightenment, people challenged everything except..... Patriarchy (Men rule)
Who were the most important figures of the Enlightenment? Copernicus, Voltaire, Galileo, and Newton
What did Voltaire believed of God? God was our creator who was less involved in human's affairs and allowed people to shape events. (Clock maker analogy)
What were women's role in the Enlightenment? There were many female scientists, but few were well-known. The upper-class were less educated than men.
Why was Margaret Cavendish an important figure in the Enlightenment? She published 14 books, from history to atomic physics
What did Emily du Chalet do in the Enlightenment? Helped Voltaire write books about Newton
What did John Locke believed in? Democracy and social agreement
Where did the Enlightenment start? Europe
Where did the Great Awakening start? The American colonies
Who were the most important figures of the Great Awakening? Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, William and Gilbert Tennent
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