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Naumens 60's

3 things that destroyed the native americans hunger, disease, and broken promises
the Sioux turned to this religion Ghost
the Ghost dance war took the lives of these two important chiefs Big Foot, Sitting Bull
the massacre was at wounded knee
they took the town over for how may days 70
how many people staged a protest 500
there was a gas shortage because of the arab oil embargo
they found that there is a little bit of this in every barrel of crude mercury
the auto's take up this percent of energy consumption 21
Bill lear started to develop a car that ran on this steam
how fast did the steam car go 125 hp
Secretariat earned this much and he race lasted this long 6 million, 31 lenghts
This actress married Tom Haden Jane Fonda
This day the Vietnam war ended and it lasted this long and the us had been there for this many years and we spent this much and Nixon wated this 27,25,12,150,peace,honor
we had this many mia's and got this many pow's back 1300 and 562
This was hit by a huge earthquake Nicaragua
there wee riots here after this many years of democracy Chili, 46
what was the craze in europe cars
this man played for the a's and won this Reggie Jackson, NVp
who died LBJ
what was he blamed for the war
who died at 91 Picasso
what was Picassos hope that his work would do prevent future war
how many paintings did he paint 6,000
what did he dedicate his life to freedom
who is the red headed entertainer Bett Midler
who was Watergate run by sam urwin
what did the gov. lack confidence
who is nixons secretary rose mary wood
this man felt he as an enemy to the white house toney Randle
who had a greek backround Sparrow agnew
this year was the 25th anniversary of who Israel
this was a big hit on broadway Jesus Christ superstar
how many hits did it get 500
what was it made into movie
This man go a Oscar for Last train in Paris Marlon Brando
this music effected by the new religion Seals and Crotxs
this was the young heartthrob Donnie osmen
this hart throb was on tv David Cassidy
David Cassidy was part of this tv show the partraige family
what was the newest craze Han gliding
this became a new fad streaking
Castro entertains his first guest from the us senate
the lone eagle Charles linden burg
this place explodes its fist nuclear bonb Indiana
This man wanted to be a pilot Hank Aaron
he became this a ball player
who's record did he break babe ruth's
with how many runs 715
this place was fighting over children Boston
this man resigned Nixon
who is using women to sell stereos Arrow
this was introduced to schools to help kids stay fit tap dance
this was a Russian ballet dancer Baryshnikov
this female and male were in a standout in tennis chis Everett, and jimmy Connor
a barrel of crude went from this 3000
to $ 11.25
gas went from this amount of cents to this 35, 55
these people went on strike for fuel truckers
evil... had his many crashes and how many broken bones kanevil,11, 50
this man went to prison over pot timothy leoy
the ....had there own cult hai-karishna
the jewish community protested this man Yassar Araphat
this man was a big comedian Jack berry
this man was the best jazz composer duke ellington
Created by: hwzone
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