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Fall 2013

What did British visitors think of Jeffersonian society? They viewed it with contempt
What was the authentic voice of Jeffersonian Republicanism? self confident, assertive, racist, and status concious
Did people who spoke of equality actually own slaves? Yes
What did Federalist accuse Republicans of? Hypocrisy
What did a Massachusetts Federalists say (sarcastically) the name, "Jeffersonian" was Indian for? "an Indian word signifying a great tobacco planter who had herds of black slaves
What fanned disagreement about the spread of slavery in western territories? (2 answers) Louisiana Territory and War of 1812
What are 3 things that Jeffersonians supported strict interpretation of the Constitution, Peaceful foreign relations, reducing federal government's role in the lives of average citizens
What forced Jeffersonians to moderate their goals? Foreign and domestic pressures
In 1810, How many Americans were there? 7.2 million, (a jump of about 2 million in a period of 10 years)
What percentage of the population were black slaves? 20% (Mostly in the south)
What was the rapid population growth due to? Natural Reproduction
During Jefferson's presidency, were there many immigrants to the New World? NO
What was the largest group in society during Jefferson's time as President? kids under 16.
What kind of spirit was among white Americans during the Jeffersonian era? optimism
What kind of people aggressively advanced People with entrepreneurial skills and engineering capabilities
What did Jeffersonian society value? Personal merit was valued over family background
How were Americans forming strong regional identifications? In commerce and in politics
Created by: blubird