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Study Guide for American History test over Article 3 of the Constitution

Who has the judicial power in the United States? The Supreme Court and other inferior courts
What is judicial power? The power to hear and decide cases, interpret, and enforce or throw out laws, and determine whether or not laws are constitution or not
What does the Constitution say about pay for judges? It cannot be diminished during their time in office.
What is compensation? wages or salary that an employee receives from an employer
What is original jurisdiction? The power of a court to hear a case for the first time
What is appellate jurisdiction? The power of a court to review decisions and change outcomes of lower court decisions
Where are criminal trials supposed to be held? In the state where the crimes were committed
What two actions does the Constitution consider to be treason? Making war against the United States and Helping the enemies of the United States by giving aid and comfort to them
Who has the power to declare the punishment for treason? Congress
Who has Executive power in the United States? President
Who has Legislative power in the United States? Congress (House of Representatives & Senate)
Who makes the laws in the United States? Legislative Branch
Who carries out the laws in the United States? Executive Branch
How many justices are on the Supreme Court? Nine
Who is the current President of the United States? Barack Obama
Created by: ColbyHistory