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Industrialism Test

Andrew Carnegie from Scotland; came to America when he was a child because his father didn't make any money from his job; steel owner and sold his factory for 480 million in 1901; steel factory owner
John Rockefeller monopoly of oil refining business; discount for bulk items; King of Oil business because he bought out so many competitors; controlled 90% of all refineries; steel factory owner
Thomas Edison produced electric light bulbs; experiment new uses for electricity; created phonograph and kinetoscope
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone 1876; long distance calls; 1st device to transmit live voice messages
Cornelius Vanderbilt made money running steam boat lines in the NYC area; made 1 mil $ from railroad business; selfish; steel factory owner
Jane Addams social worker and bought a house in a poor ghetto in Chicago; lived in Hull House; reformer who improved the city with play grounds; stood Johnny Powers-political boss
immigrant person who came from another county; wanted government and religious freedom; better opportunities; competed with Americans for jobs
steel alloy made from iron ore and heated; strong and won't crack; skyscrapers, bridges and rails
Pittsburgh many steel factories; a lot of pollution; crowded; workers had long days for little pay
mechanization occurred on farms 1890s; machines replaced farm workers so farmers had to relocate
railroads used to bring cattle to slaughter houses; used standard oil; carry natural resource
ghettos crowded and dirty homes for immigrants; poor people
Homestead Strike 1892 workers refused to work because long hours and weak pay; workers locked out and got new workers
industrialists advertised on billboards, posters, published books, postcards to get customers to buy their products
patent document given to inventor where he can charge others to use his product; Edison's lightbulb; phonograph and Bell's telephone
Created by: kuzma