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American Colonies

What was Jamestown and why was It founded? Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Jamestown was founded by the London Company, a joint- stock company. Jamestown was founded to mine gold.
Describe Daily Life In Virginia. Virginians usually owned big farms with indentured servants or slaves. These are commonly known as plantations. The headright system made this possible.
What are indentured servants? Why does slavery increase? Indentured servants were people who offered to work for a person who is paying their way to America for a set amount of years. Slavery increases because the cost for slaves is lower than before and plantations needed more laborers.
Why was Maryland Formed and who founded it? Maryland was formed for religious freedom and a place to worship among christens. Lord Baltimore founded Maryland.
What is the Toleration Act of 1649? The Toleration Act of 1649 states that it is a crime to restrict the religion of christens.
Name the five Southern Colonies. Virginia, Georgia, North & South Carolina and Maryland
Describe the economies of the Southern Colonies. Mainly Farming
Name the four New England Colonies. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island
Describe the economies of the New England Colonies. Crafting, Trading/ Merchants, Fishing and Shipbuilding
What was life as a Pilgrim like? What is the Puritan's Religion? Most Pilgrims farmed, but some traded. Pilgrim children were educated, and some Pilgrims even offered education to their indentured servants. Women cooked and wove. Men repaired tools and worked in the fields. The Puritans were Christian/ Protestant.
What was the Great Migration? The Great Migration was when 40,000 people migrated to the colonies.
Describe Bacon's Rebellion. Bacon's Rebellion is when the people in Jamestown, led by Nathaniel Bacon, rebelled against the friendly alliance against the Indians and then threatened to attack them. When the governor tried to stop them, they lit Jamestown on fire.
What is the Mayflower Compact? The Mayflower Compact is a legal contract that 41 male Mayflower Passengers signed promising fair laws the protect the general good.
Describe Education in New England. What was the first university in the colonies? In New England, the public got free public education till the end of elementary school. The first university in the colonies is Harvard.
What country found New York (New Amsterdam)? How many shots had to be fired for England to take over New York (New Amsterdam)? The Dutch Founded New York. When the Dutch founded New York, they originally named it New Amsterdam. No shots had to be fired to take New York (New Amsterdam). Once the English took control of New York (New Amsterdam), they renamed it New York.
What are Quakers? Who founded Pennsylvania? Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends, is a group of people who are very non- violent. William Penn founded Pennsylvania. The Quaker religion is not a formal religion.
Name the four Middle Colonies. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.
Describe the Middle Colonies' economy. The Middle Colonies economy mainly consisted of farming staple crops and crafting and trading.
William Bradford... was the leader of the Pilgrims.
Puritans... founded Massachusetts
Thomas Hooker... founded Connecticut
Rodger Williams... founded Rhode Island
Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkely... founded New Jersey
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