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A New Nation

Notes on Ch 7

George Washington Selected as President of Constitutional Convention
Philadelphia, Pennslyvania Where the Consitituional Convention was held
Shay's Rebellion Massachusetts Farmers were angry that they had to pay using gold and silver not paper money This event alarmed the nation that the Articles of Confederation were not strong enough
Articles of Confederation America's first constitution adopted on March 1, 1781
Powers Federal Government had under the Articles of Confederation Conduct Foregin Affais Maintain Armed Forces Borrow Money Issue Currency
Northwest Ordinance divided into three to five smaller territories could petition for statehood once your population equaled that of the smallest state
Problems with Great Britain British troops were still on American Land John Adams went to Britain to discuss the issue no resolution
Problems with Spain Spain closed off the lower Mississippi River to trade in order to halt American expansion into Spanish land
Constitution Influences and model Enlightenment Philosophers
Reason the Farmers in Massachusetts rebelled Their land was being taken if they didn't pay their taxes
Northwest Territory single territory north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River
conflict demonstrated the need to change the Articles of Confederation Shay's Rebellion
major weakness of government under the Articles of Confederation National Government couldn't enforce the laws
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